Safari in Rajasthan is still the best way to explore the desert. It is adventurous and thrilling. And at the same time offers best sights of Rajasthan that no other tour can give. Depending upon the type of safari, you can get the glimpse of parts of this state. It takes you through the small villages where you can spot children going to school, woman in colorful attires going in a queue to fetch water from the nearest well, men in bright colored turbans and ornaments working or playing some local musical instruments. What more, safari in Rajasthan can also offer you tiger spotting depending upon where you are conducting this tour! There are mainly four types of safaris- camel, jeep, elephant and horse.

Camel Safari- Camel safari is best possible attraction of desert. Camel is known to be the ship of sand dunes, so if you want to get best out of your desert tour, you must opt for camel safari in Rajasthan. Jaisalmer and Bikaner are the best place to avail this kind of safari. There are hotels that can arrange camel safari for you but the most feasible option is to book for one with a tourist agency of good repute. Online bookings are also available. Come during the winter season so that scorching summer do not pin you down. And while enjoying camel safari, make sure you have hydrated yourself.

Jeep Safari- Jeep safari in Rajasthan is an amazing experience. Whether a tour of typical Rajasthani village or flora and fauna watching in Ranthambhor or Sariska, desert tour in Jaisalmer and Bikaner or viewing beautiful range of Aravali- jeep safari is THE option to explore the diverse terrains of this vibrant and colorful Indian state. Avoid summer season for jeep safari. From October to March is the best time of the year when you can enjoy the sun as well as outdoor activities to your fullest. For advance bookings, you can reserve your seat online, which is safe bait. On the spot bookings are also available for the last minute travelers.

Elephant Safari- Rajasthan is the land of royals and to make its tour royally, you must avail elephant safari in Rajasthan as well. When you want to see the colorful towns and wildlife sanctuaries of Rajasthan, hop on these slow treading beasts and absorb the essence of these places slowly. This way you can have double benefits- firstly enjoying the minutest nuances of the places and secondly, add a regal touch to your Rajasthan tour in most efficient way.

Horse Safari- This is the final option of safari in Rajasthan. This state is known to be the land of Rajputs and horses have been loyal to them since time immemorial. If you have plans to explore Udaipur, Mount Abu or other similar cities on mountainous terrains, you must complete it with horse safari. These safaris will take you through the pages of history as the routes designated go through the war fields, roads that the ancient armies took and grounds where they camped on their way. To make the tour comfortable, equip yourself with boots, hats and other Rajasthani gears.

Your Rajasthan tours would never complete without these safaris. So, book yourself prior to your tour so that you can ensure the fun long before you reach the land of royals.