This is (A Guest) I’m back in Korea now, and after a full-day of sleep I feel like the memories of India are so far behind already. I don’t speak English well. I didn’t know how to express my appreciation to you ( A person ),
and if I start writing in English, all I could say is probably “thank you.” That’s why I asked a friend of mine who is a translator to translate my letter, so I’m writing in Korean with no difficulties.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful gesture in Pushkar. I had a fantasy about India before I visited, but the reality I faced was so far from my fantasies. One of the advises I got about India was to check the money as soon as I get it to see if it was ripped anywhere. I got a ripped bill at the City Palace in Jaipur, and realized it on the train to Pushkar. I was so mad at myself, but I went on a camel safari as soon as I got to Pushkar, and when I went to 3 different banks the next day they all said they couldn’t do anything about it. Then I had to move to Delhi that night, and when I got to Delhi it was a holiday. I didn’t know what to do, but you just grabbed your wallet and changed the bill for me. I started crying without realizing what I was doing. I’m sure you were confused when I started crying and asked you to marry me instead of a thank you, but you still smiled gently and joked about making me cry. I was so impressed by your kindness.
I’m glad you asked my email address. You have no idea how helpless I felt when all I could say to you was a simple thank you.

I was devastated before I left for India. Even when I got to India where I wanted to rest and shake away those feelings, my mind and body were so tired. But you shook my heart at once. I didn’t want to be remembered as a girl who cried at 500 rupees but I didn’t even have that little energy to explain. Your thoughtfulness and warm smile moved my heart. I’m also grateful that you gave me a chance to tell you how I felt.

The money you gave me was well spent in Delhi, the last stop in India before I got back home. Again, I want to say, I really appreciate your kindness and thank you so much.